Heroine (name can be changed by player)
Kanji 主人公
Romaji Shujinkou
Vital statistics
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height (5'3)
Blood Type

 She is the heroine of the story who has lost her memories. Within the dating sim game and anime, Orion the spirit, follows and supports her throughout each story to reclaim her lost memories. She is voiced by Kaori Nazuka in Japanese and Maggie Flecknoe in English.


She has shoulder length, light brown hair that gradients into pink tips, and eyes that are emerald with a hint of blue. Her default look is a blue collared dress, black cardigan, white shoes and a white sling bag. Her overall motif is roses.


As she suffers from complete amnesia at the start of the story, she has no recollection of how she used to be before 1st August. As the player progresses, bits and pieces of her original personality return, with slight differences throughout each route. A constant throughout the story are her sweet pleasant nature and carefulness to tread with respect to others during her bout of amnesia as per Orion's instructions.


She works at Meido no Hitsuji. She is currently a 1st year university student majoring in Psychology.

  • Heart Arc: It is later found out she is the vocalist for her club band in the university she attends
  • Spade Arc: It is later found out that she is a member of Ikki's fan club.
  • Club Arc: It is later found out that she is dating Kent.
  • Diamond Arc: It is later found out that she is working with Ikki to confess her feelings for Toma.
  • Joker Arc: It is later found out that Ukyo is her real lover.


Not much is known about these flashbacks. Could they be fragments of her past? Or fragments of the future?

  1. Flashback with Ikki, helping her make a parfait dessert. - Episode 1
  2. Flashback with Kent, when she tells him to keep a promise while strolling through night markets. When asked by Kent, he does not recall of a memory. - Episode 1
  3. Flashback with Shin, who confesses to her that his father killed a man. - Episode 2
  4. A group of girls say to her she has broken their promise and has a flashback of when they cut a lock of her hair. - Episode 1

Anime and Dating Sim Game ConnectionEdit

As a result of Orion being from another world, and because his spirit collided with hers, the heroine is able to unknowingly travel to parallel worlds in which her love interests are different. Ukyo, the joker, seems to also play a role in the heroine's parallel world travel. The many different memories from each of the parallel worlds causes her great confusion, which end up making her believe that her flashbacks are fragments of the past or future, and later believing that she is moving through time. Orion reveals to her later that she is in fact going through different worlds. Each parallel world will show the arcs of the different boys as the love interest, the time will also relapse to August 1st each time; this shows how it connects to the otome dating sim game, as she goes through the process of regaining her memories back, and the player decides who she ends up with in the end of the game-the anime will leave an open ending, as each viewer will decide who they want the heroine to be with, she will remain in that world with him.


The male characters that the female player character can interact with are based on the symbolic suit symbols from a playing card deck with the following storylines (commonly known as 'routes' in the game and 'arcs' in the anime): Heart, Spade, Club, Diamond, and Joker. To view short arc transitions, view Orion's page.


Orion is a spirit who appears before the Heroine. He appears to have a bright and bubbly personality, and seems to care greatly for the Heroine. Orion's self appointed role is to support the Heroine throughout each story, and help her reclaim the lost memories. The heroine relies on Orion for his guidance, especially in the beginning of the story when she is most confused. He is very against the heroine going to go to hospitals because her memories need to be recovered through interactions with the people around her. Being in a hospital will only cause what memories she has left to dissipate faster. According to Orion, he collided with the Heroine's spirit which is the cause of her amnesia. He later saves the heroine from falling off of a cliff, which makes her temporarily unable to see him. It becomes more difficult for her to overcome confusing situations she encounters.

Shin (Heart Arc)Edit

Shin is Heroine's childhood friend and real boyfriend(in anime).Shin realizes that the Heroine has been acting strange and confused, and she later tells him about her lost memories when he confronts her about it. He tries to help her to regain her lost memories and her lost feelings for him. Shin explains that they have been dating for three months (episode 3) and takes Heroine to familiar places, such as the location where they shared their first kiss. Shin often takes her to and from work daily. He requests that she can take some time off work in order to recover. Later, at an outing with their co-workers Shin recollects upon his childhood memories of how he became an outcast due to his father drunkenly killing a man in self-defense. This memory was foggy for Heroine until this point, where she mistakenly thought Shin was the one who killed someone. Shin explains that even after he became an outcast,  Heroine cared for him and stayed by his side no matter what, along with their other childhood friend, Toma. Shin is deeply in love with the Heroine in his route, and desperately wishes to help her regain her lost memories.

Ikki (Spade Arc)Edit

Ikki is a friend and co-worker at Meido no Hitsuji. The heroine awakes and time has relapsed to August 1st. Heroine receives a call from Ikki, and later finds out she is dating him. Ikki is extremely popular among women, and is thought of as a playboy. These problems affect their relationship, as many girls become jealous of their relationship and tries to hurt Heroine. Ikki is rumored to break up with his girlfriends after three months of dating, and it is later found out that it's due to a wish he made when he was younger to become popular with girls. His fan club has a rule in which they must leave him after three months have passed, including a daily report of their time spent with Ikki. His fan club would also be harsh to any girl he dated outside of the fanclub, which caused the girls to leave at the three month mark as well. He later resented that wish yet decided to date for fun since he thought he could never truly fall in love, but this all changed when he met Heroine, and did not want to give up.

Kent (Club Arc)Edit

Kent is the boyfriend of Heroine, however, unbeknownst to all initially. He has a very intellectual mindset and views everything in an analytical manner. Heroine has relapsed once again to August 1st, and receives a text message from Kent. He messages her often, but usually only says "good morning" and "good night". Through their interactions she soon realizes that Kent is her boyfriend. Although it is apparent that he knows very little about relationships, his feelings for Heroine are sincere and genuine. He invites her to sit with him as he works in an attempt to spend more time together. This, however, results in him working, and Heroine sitting quietly on the sofa. Orion informs Heroine that she can trust Kent, she tells Kent about her situation. He is very interested in Orion and has a conversation with him by having Heroine write his responses on a sheet of paper. He is the first person other than Heroine to know of Orion, and her true situation of parallel-world hopping, as opposed to a medical amnesia condition. Kent learns to openly show his emotions and affectionate feelings towards Heroine, due to his time spent with her.

Toma (Diamond Arc)Edit

Toma is Heroine's childhood friend, who also works at Meido no Hitsuji. Heroine opens her eyes and is about to step foot upon a crosswalk, Toma grabs her arm. Her phone broke and Toma replaced it, it is later found out that he has taken her phone. He brings her to a hospital in order to make sure she is okay. While she is in her apartment she notices the time has relapsed once again to August 1st, she also finds a locked diary, yet is unable to find the key. Toma is very caring and attentive towards Heroine, and is always trying to look out for her. He becomes extremely over-protective and angry if anything bad happens to her, and becomes jealous when Heroine is around Ikki. It is also noted that he makes several decisions for her without asking her first. Heroine is almost hit by a flower pot at her workplace, which was pushed by an Ikki fan club member. Later, Heroine encounters Ukyo again where he makes it clear that he knows she is hopping between parallel-worlds. He tells her she will soon be killed, frightening her. Toma saves Heroine once again, and decides to have her stay with him for a while in order to keep a watchful eye on her. They later go shopping, and while she go to go get drinks, her hair is cut by confrontational Ikki fans. Toma laces her food and drinks with sleeping drugs, and later cages her. It is later found out that he is not the Heroine's boyfriend, he took advantage of her losing her memories. Toma, along with Ikki fan club members misunderstand Heroine's friendship with Ikki, they believe she is attracted to him, which causes backlash from the members. Toma used her memory loss to his advantage, due to wanting Heroine to himself. She later attemps to escape to retrieve her diary with the help of Orion. In reading her diary,it is revealed that she is in love with Toma. She then allows Toma to read her diary and he realizes that his feelings are reciprocated.

Ukyo (Joker Arc)Edit

Ukyo is a very mysterious man that the Heroine encounters throughout the anime. He appears to have a split-personality disorder. Each time the Heroine encounters Ukyo he knows about her situation and seems to know what lies ahead of her. His split personality is due to witnessing the death of his girlfriend, the Heroine many times in his attempts to save her. His true personality is extremely kind, loyal, and loving, to the point where he gives up his life numerous times in order for his wish to be granted. He is deeply in love with the Heroine and will do anything to make sure she survives. Ukyo made a wish to Neil, the king of the spirit world in order to save the Heroine's life, as she died on August 25th in a fire at their university. His conscious is sealed with Neil until his wish is granted, along with the Heroine and Orion. He follows the heroine as she jumps through different worlds, in order to help protect her. It is noted that when Ukyo saw her with the other men, it  was very painful, but her life was most important to him, he continued to help protect her and give her clues to future events. She eventually arrives at their original world, the world that she died in. Ukyo helps the Heroine survive, telling her of all the dangers in the world as it is constantly trying to kill her, he must even protect her from himself. They eventually both survived and Ukyo's wish was granted, thus allowing them to be together, and releasing both Orion and Neil from themselves. The Heroine also regains her true memories.