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Kanji トーマ
Romaji Tōma
Vital statistics
Age 21
Birthday April 12
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Weight Unknown
Blood Type B

Toma is a second year university student and is childhood friends with Heroine and Shin. Voiced by Satoshi Hino in Japanese and Christopher Ayres in English. 

Appearance Edit

Toma has short, dark yellow hair that is tipped with a little bit of orange at the ends with a black head band with orange diamonds at the top. He wears a feather necklace around his neck. He wears a black and orange, striped shirt with a black, short-sleeved jacket. Around his waist he wears a yellow scarf. He also wears black, tight jeans, a silver belt with a checkered pattern on it, and a pair of black shoes. His eyes are a combination of dark green on the top, orange on the bottom, yellow in the middle of the orange, and a round, black pupil.

Personality Edit

Toma is very kind but can be overprotective at times. He shows signs of being a Yandere: (People who are sweet to who they love but are usually mentally unstable causing them to show their affection through violence etc.) Such as when he put sleeping drugs into Heroine’s food as a way to try to keep her in the room. Another time, he locked the heroine in a cage that was filled with stuffed animals in order to keep her from getting hurt by Ikki’s fangirls and keep her for himself. He does these things because he deeply cares about her and, just like Shin and Ukyo, would do anything for her. 

Relationship Edit

Toma was a childhood friend of Heroine along with Shin. This changed when Heroine woke up in the Diamond Arc without her memories and asked him if he was her boyfriend. Toma took up the responsibility to protect Heroine.

Game PlayEdit

His symbolic route in the game is the Diamond route.


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