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Ukyo Visual Novel
Kanji ウキョウ
Romaji Ukyō
Vital statistics
Age 24(?)
Birthday March 3
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 185 cm (6'1")
Weight Unknown
Blood Type O

 Ukyo is a famous photographer with a split personality. He is voiced by Kouki Miyata in Japanese and Patrick Poole in English.


Ukyo is a tall and youthful looking man. He has long pale green hair that becomes darker at the ends, and he has green eyes.  His bangs fall freely over his face, down to his cheeks, and there is a long braid on Ukyo's right, held together using a white hairband. He typically has a solemn expression. However, when overcome with his more maddened and twisted personality, Ukyo develops dark lines under his eyes and he tends to grin very widely.

Over his head, he wears a black hat with a short brim. On the tip of the crown is a white streak. The band around the crown is patterned with black-and-white diamonds. He wears a wrinkled, somewhat unbuttoned brown shirt with a long, black necktie loosely tied around the collar, of which there is a silver pin down the middle. Over this, Ukyo dons a long-sleeved, black jacket left open. On his right, near the shoulders, there are three square-shaped silver studs attached to his jacket. Likewise, on his jacket's left, there are also square-shaped silver studs running down vertically. Ukyo's entire left jacket sleeve is patterned with black-and-white diamonds and a similarly-designed patch of cloth is designed on his right side, below the collar, placed parallel to the three studs on the other end. On his patterned sleeve, there is a black cloth wrapped around his upper bicep. Around Ukyo's waist is a black skirt with a diagonal cut, leaving it somewhat short on its left. On the right, there are also three square-shaped silver studs pinned near the cloth's line. Over this, there is a long, cape-like cloth hanging over the back of his legs, styled with the longer end stretching diagonally towards the right. It is black with a lavender inner lining. Underneath it all, Ukyo wears tight black pants over heeled black shoes.


Ukyo has shown to have some feelings for Herione. He is rather kind to her, but his alternate personality is villainous and menacing. His split personality is due to witnessing the death of his girlfriend, Heroine, many times in his attempts to save her. His true personality is extremely kind, loyal, and loving, to the point where he gives up his life numerous times in order for his wish of wanting Heroine to stay alive to be granted, yet to no avail. Ukyo makes a deal with Neil, the king of the spirit world, in order to save Heroine's life, as she died on August 25th in a fire at their university. His conscious is sealed with Neil until his wish is granted, along with Heroine and Orion. He follows her as she jumps through different worlds, trying to protect her. She eventually arrives at their original world, the world that she died in. Ukyo helps Heroine survive, since the world is constantly trying to kill her. He must even protect her from himself, as his evil personality is contradicting to his true self. Heroine regains her true memories. Orion and Neil are separated from Heroine's conscious after the wish is granted.


Ukyo has a passion for photography, and is famous for his photographic work. He cares deeply for the Heroine's well-being and happiness. He can be a psycho sometimes, but it's not his fault.

Game PlayEdit

Ukyo's symbolic route in the game is the 'Joker'. His route contains 1 good ending, 1 normal ending, and six bad endings.


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